Company Overview

The company was originally started in 1819 and has been in the same family ever since!   Until the 1970 -80′s it was mainly rags for reprocessing and cleaning machinery, Government surplus bedding and miscellaneous bankruptcies.  For about 150 years, until 1969,  we were mainly based in Wentworth St., London E1.

From the early 1900′s, but mainly around 1975 (when I, Richard started)-1980 (when Alan started), we sold second hand carpets, from government surplus sources like the RAF and army bases as well as from London embassies or occasionally from some of the most famous London hotels.   This gave us a unique insight about how carpets wear and keep their appearance.  During the late 1970′s we purchased 2 carpet bankruptcies, our first taste of new carpet.  After that for a short time, we purchased Allied Carpets seconds.We then started buying specials, seconds and eventually regular roll stock.  We had always specialised in wool quality carpets.

We purchased our current premises, which has just had been totally rebuilt, in 1995, which hopefully will last until the next generation.