Moving back to East Finchley

We sold our original premises at 100-106 Mackenzie Road, N7 at the beginning of 2011, after being there for 43 years and now after a 16 month complete rebuilding of our premise at East End Road which we have had from the mid 1990′s,  we finally moved back in at the beginning of this year.  We temporarily rented a shop on the corner of Ballards Lane and Long Lane and a warehouse at the Mill Hill Industrial Estate.

The new shop and warehouse has received much praise on its appearance and we can assure you we have not put up our prices to pay for all the work.  Hopefully, the 4 flats we built above that we are renting out will do that.

We also have new displays and furniture in the store, new computers, invoicing system and you are now reading from our new website.